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Monday, 22 February 2016

erewego, erewego, erewegoooo... erewego, erewego, erewegooooo (repeat)

Once upon a time, everyone decided to support England, think that lasted for about 2 weeks and then everything went back to normal, the end.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Tinkers, tailors, tappers and bangers

You find communities of people in the deepest, darkest, weirdest places, and at first what may seem intimidating, unravels a whole world of stoke (not the place, the feeling, a whole world of Stoke is a scary thought in itself!!!). When we moved into our gaff, every now and then we would hear this odd buzzing at the weekend that floated across the airwaves on the prevailing winds. Killer bees? Tinnitus? Talking to a few y'ocal folk, I discovered it came from a farmers field a few miles away where on weekends throughout scummer, likeminded folk would gather in this Mad Maxesque dust bowl to race beat up motors round a circle! 

One thing lead to another and the chap who runs it is into photography. I blagged my way in, not exactly Glastonbury but still a blag, and was allowed to wander freely with camera in hand.

Under starters orders

Sunbrella (Copyright Bernacki 2016!)

No room for that sub woofer or sat nav

A famous Notts name

Even the chicks are at it or is this the car they turned up in?! Sttoooooppps

Grease monkeys unite

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Krusty Cremes a la Kirkby

The magical banks in Kirkby where rumour has it that whoever built them put the transitions in the wrong way round so rather than being mellow(ish), nice, easyish to skate, turned out to be rather whippy and not for the faint hearted. Mixed with the added danger of broken glass, gravel the size of golf balls and a harsh north wind, this spot has seen its fair action from travelling pro's across the world. Who'd a thunk it, bet Ashfield District Council didn't when they ballsed it up to create the best skate spot in Notts!!! Get in whilst you can as they've been threatening to demolish these for the last few years, ever since Netto left! No Netto, no funtimes!!!

Magical moves

Roll in to brown pants


Harry styles

Backsmith goodnight